A Microfiber Weave....This Border Print Paisley Fabric 95% Acetate 5% Spandex.  Is Second to None.

Its characteristics include fibers that are so small the Human Eye cannot see them.

Once woven, this fabric (also

known as Slinky) will duplicate natural fibers in its lustre and durability! Machine Wash, Machine Dry Wrinkle Free

Shown here - Three Classic Cuts that are timeless -designed to fit most body types.

​This is a must see, must have collection...

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Style #2759          Trench Coat

Size 1-2-3                  $129.90

Style #2759          Trench Coat

Size 1-2-3                  $129.90

The All New Slinky Trench Coat!      Women Sizes, Cut In Print and Solids.

The  Green-Blue-Tan Prints  Shown Below are Promotionally Priced

  Regularly $129.90

Specially Priced $89.90

Double-Layer Jacket over Sarong Pant

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Style #2759          Trench Coat

Size 1-2-3                  $129.90

All New Travelwear Collection​

 Featuring Fashion Detail on Classic Silhouettes  In Solid Colors and a Variety of Geometric  Print

my story

Style #2759          Trench Coat

Size 1-2-3                  $129.90

Style #9454         Pencil Skirt

Size 1-2-3                   $59.90

Style #7679      Pleat Jacket

Size 1-2-3                $79.90

Fashion Portfolio

ABOUT OUR MODEL:           Miss Tasha Plus Size Model Extraordinaire, has been studying modeling, dance and the arts since

8 years old.  Currently 25, having always had an interest in painting and fashion Tasha has become  an  expert Make-Up Artist. Currently Tasha works with Macy's, and is a Phyllis Emelda Spokesmodel!

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January  20th


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New Looks

Style# 4117L     Swing Coat            Size 1-2-3        $99.90

Style # 7679      Pleat Jacket           Size 1-2-3        $79.90

Style # 9332      Wide Leg Pant      Size 1-2-3        $59.90

Style #2757  Long Swing Coat

Size 1-2-3                 $129.90

Style #7373  Flute Skirt                 Size   1-2-3   $79.90

Style #7679  Soft Pleat Jacket     Size   1-2-3   $69.90        

Style #2759          Trench Coat

Size 1-2-3                  $129.90

Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful !!

I have been sewing since age 9.  I learned from my Mother who made patterns out of newspaper.
Utilizing the lost art of patternmaking based on the shoulder dimensions, ​I began making clothing specifically for Tall and Full Figure Women especially those with fitting problems.  I quit my job in 1991 and launched the Phyllis Emelda Collection.  
​Please allow me to develop your wardrobe while enhancing your personal style

Style #2759          Trench Coat

Size 1-2-3                  $129.90

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Double-Layer Jacket over Sarong Pant